• About Judy

    Decades ago, anxiety was running my life.

    On the outside I appeared confident, competent, and in control. On the inside, the self-criticism, self-judgment, and need to be perfect were debilitating.  At the time I didn’t have a name for what I was experiencing, but this anxiety impacted all areas of my life.

    Over the next 30 years I studied, explored, learned from, and worked in many other disciplines and wisdom traditions – nutrition, psychology, neurobiology, spiritual care, energy modalities, and indigenous Hawaiian healing.

    What did I learn on this journey? Most importantly, that human beings are complex integrated systems and that change is deepest and most lasting when all parts of us, heart and mind, body and soul, are aligned and engaged in the process.

    I also learned that all of us have at our core a part that is good and whole. All of us. No matter where we have been, what we have been through, or how fatally flawed we feel. And that the key to increasing well-being on all levels is connecting to that core, engaging our hearts, and working with our neurobiology.

    Today I hold graduate degrees in nutrition and counseling psychology. I am an Integrative Wellness Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. I am also a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner and Trainer. Over the past 12 years I have been part of an integrative care team in a family medical practice, spent 7 years working with adolescents on an in-patient psychiatric unit as part of the spiritual care team, and have worked with clients in private practice, individually and in groups.

    My passion is helping women  who struggle with anxiety and inner critical dialogues connect with the extraordinary intelligence of their hearts  and repattern their nervous systems so they can live a life with greater power, peace. possibility.

    Each of us has the ability to connect to our hearts and move beyond our limiting self-narratives. When we do, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being all improve.  And I know from experience – personal and professional – that it’s really not as hard as you might think.


    Judy Grupenhoff, MEd, NBC-HWC
    Integrative Mental Wellness Coach
    HeartMath® Certified Practitioner and Trainer

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