• Coaching


    Anxiety can impact every area of your life and multiple areas of your life can create anxiety or make it worse. Individual coaching provides a more personalized and targeted approach than what I can offer in the classes I teach.

    Who is coaching for? 

    Anyone who needs support in making long-term changes! 

    Coaching can help when:

    • situations, relationships, or behaviors in your life are creating stress or anxiety 
    • stress is causing or aggravating issues with your physical health, such as chronic digestive disorders or poor sleep
    • self-criticism, low self-worth, and unhelpful beliefs and assumptions are keeping you stuck and making you miserable
    • you long for a greater sense of power, peace, and possibility in your life
    • you want the voice of your heart to be a bigger part of your inner conversations
    • you have taken some of the classes I offer and you want to apply the tools and perspectives in specific ways

    Integrative Wellness Coaching

    Human beings are complex, integrated systems and wellness is impacted by multiple interconnected dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Integrative Wellness Coaching is a partnership that helps you identify where you are now in each of these dimensions and where you would like to be. Together we create an action plan to get there.  You are in charge of the goals, agenda, and timing. I support the change process through inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability. Skills and techniques to address anxiety, a lack of self-compassion, and chronic health issues can be integrated as much or as little as you like.

    Transformational Coaching

    In addition to traditional coaching, I work with a variety of modalities and facilitated techniques from energy psychology and the Hawaiian healing tradition. These modalities and techniques often provide a more transformative experience and can be incorporated into traditional coaching sessions as much or as little as you like.

    Many clients begin working with me because they are in the midst of challenging life circumstances or are struggling to move forward, but limiting, outdated beliefs or past traumas are making it difficult to get traction. Or maybe the deeper, wiser, more authentic part of themselves longs to step onto of their life stage but they have not yet found the tools and support to make it happen.

    This can often feel like a little sprout trying to push up through a lifetime of accumulated cement. The sprout is who you are at your core. The cement is the stuff that has been wired in from a lifetime of being on the planet. These are the self-narratives we developed as children, the beliefs that have become so deeply ingrained that we don’t even see them anymore, and the habitual assumptions about who we are or what we can expect from life.

    The modalities and facilitated techniques I work with help to both strengthen the sprout and clear out the cement. Some clients choose a more traditional coaching approach, others choose some combination of the two. Together we can flexibly design the approach that works best for you.

    Questions? Want to find out if this work is right for you? Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.
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