• Integrative Mental Health Coaching

    As a board-certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, I use a mind/body approach to help clients develop greater awareness about themselves and increase their health and well-being. As a mental health coach, I specialize in using this integrative approach to help clients clarify their goals, values, and purpose; manage their nervous systems; and learn practical, actionable ways to address their personal challenges.

    Mental health coaching is not psychotherapy. We don’t dig into the origins of your current challenges. Rather, we assess where things are for you right now, identify your priorities, and create a sustainable path forward that includes skill-building, targeted practice, and compassionate support and accountability.

    Integrative mental health coaching could be right for you if:

    • the mental and emotional health challenges you’re dealing with are on the mild – moderate end of the spectrum or you are working with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist and are seeking additional skills to support your therapy.
    • you prefer a shorter-term, goal-focused approach to personal growth and development.
    • you want to learn practical skills to manage stress, anxiety, and self-critical thinking.
    • you’re willing to complete self-assessments, reading, journaling, exercises, and other “homework” to support the coaching process
    • you have done therapy and understand your challenges but still experience physical symptoms of stress and anxiety
    • you are interested in a mind/body approach that addresses multiple dimensions of your health and well-being

    Mental wellness coaching can be a helpful adjunct to therapy or other types of treatment. It is not, however, a substitute for medical of behavioral health care when it is indicated.

    Integrative mental health coaching can be helpful when:

    • emotional reactivity is affecting your relationships, choices, or goals.
    • over-care for others or a lack of self-care are impacting your well-being.
    • anxiety causes or exacerbates physical issues like chronic digestive disorders or poor sleep.
    • self-criticism, perfectionism, and unhelpful beliefs and assumptions are keeping you stuck and making you miserable.
    • challenging life circumstances or trauma symptoms are keeping you from moving forward.
    • a deeper sense of connection – with yourself and others – is calling.
    • you long for a greater sense of power, peace, and possibility in your life.

    Anxiety, inaccurate self-narratives, and self-critical thinking did not happen overnight. Chances are they have been around for years, maybe even decades. Over time, these ways of thinking and reacting become habitual. The more we repeat them, the more strongly wired the associated neural pathways become.  Like changing any habit, transforming our habitual patterns of thinking and emotional reactivity takes time, patience, and practice.


    We are complex, integrated systems

    Human beings are complex, integrated systems. Many clients feel that they cannot address their mental/emotional well-being without also paying attention to the health and well-being of our physical and spiritual dimensions. In addition to traditional coaching, I work with a variety of modalities and facilitated techniques from energy psychology and the Hawaiian healing tradition. These provide an integrated approach that brings all parts of you – body and mind, heart and soul into the process. They can be incorporated into coaching sessions as much or as little as you like.

    Some clients choose a more traditional coaching approach, others choose some combination of the two. Together we can flexibly design the approach that works best for you.


    Coaching Packages

    I offer individual sessions and also coaching/training packages. All sessions are 50 minutes. Which should you choose? It depends on your goals.

    4-session Package – $470 ($118/session)
    If your primary goal is learning skills to manage your nervous system and reduce anxiety, this is a great place to start. Four sessions are generally enough to begin learning practical tools and techniques to begin repatterning anxiety/emotional reactivity responses and learning how to apply these skills to specific areas of your life. We will typically meet weekly.

    8-session Package – $880 ($110/session)
    If there are areas of your life that are out of balance or that are creating or are affected by anxiety, the 8-sesion package may be what you need. In addition to skill building, the 8-session package will allow us to assess what areas of your life need attention, set realistic goals to move you forward, and decide which tools and techniques will best support you in reaching those goals. Any of the modalities I offer can be incorporated into a session. We can meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your schedule and needs. Some clients begin with weekly sessions and move to bi-weekly sessions as our work together progresses.

    Individual Sessions – $125/session
    If you need some basic education and skills to get you started, have specific questions after taking a class or course, or just want to see if this work is for you, then starting with a single session makes sense.


    Questions? Want to know if coaching is right for you? I offer a free 20-minute consultation.

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