• Group Coaching

    Group Coaching

    Upcoming: Kick the “Anxiety Habit” coaching group 6 Mondays beginning March 21


    Create habits that stick and changes that last

    You can absolutely learn skills to transform anxiety and change your baseline stress response, but to be most effective they need to be practiced consistently and applied in the right ways.

    As a mental wellness coach I find that 1) many people need support and accountability in creating a sustainable practice with these skills, and 2) anxiety and emotional reactivity can impact or be impacted by other life factors.

    Group coaching provides support and accountability, just like individual coaching. The added bonus is the community and comradery that develop as participants support each other on their journeys of growth and transformation. This is especially helpful when it comes to anxiety and self-critical thinking, which can often makes us feel isolated and alone.

    There is no cookie-cutter approach to change. In these small groups you will have the opportunity to assess where you are now and make a plan for where you want to go. Each session will include a mini-lesson with tools you can apply to the areas you have identified. The goal is for you to build a flexible toolkit that you can adapt and integrate in whatever ways best fit your needs.

    I offer coaching groups on specific mental wellness-related themes:

    No matter which groups you choose, you will learn practical, science-based tools, discover how to apply them in targeted ways, and receive the support and accountability to create habits that stick and changes that last.

    If this resonates with you, let’s have a 15-minute conversation to see if a coaching group is a good fit for your goals and priorities.

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