• Kick the Anxiety “Habit” Coaching Group

    Kick the Anxiety “Habit” Coaching Group

    Dates/time: 6 Mondays,  March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25,   7:00- 8:15 pm, Eastern time
    Location: Zoom   Group size: Limited to 8 participants
    Cost: $249, $225 before March 14

    A 15-minute conversation is required to make sure that group coaching is a good fit for your needs and priorities. 
    Contact me to schedule an appointment.


    Create habits that stick and changes that last

    Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself, and it happens throughout our lifetimes.

    Anxiety is a brain and nervous system response to an anticipated or imagined threat. The brain pathways associated with anxiety get stronger and more habitual the more often we experience it, like ruts that form in a muddy road.

    One of the principles of neuroscience is that our brain pathways change depending on how much we use them. When we consistently choose to interrupt and redirect the anxiety response, the pathways associated with that response weaken over time and become less of a habitual response. As we consciously choose new, healthier ways of responding, those new pathways get stronger. Over time they become our new default settings, our new normal.

    Over the past 10 years, I have worked with many hundreds of patients and clients who have used this process to repattern their anxiety response.

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    The Kick the “Anxiety Habit” coaching group is concrete, practical, and grounded in the neuroscience of change. It is not a psychotherapy support group. It is for individuals who are motivated to implement techniques that can change how their nervous systems react and respond.

    Group coaching provides support and accountability, just like individual coaching. The added bonus is the community and comradery that develop as participants support each other on their journeys of growth and transformation. This is huge, especially when it comes to anxiety and self-critical thinking, which can often make us feel isolated and alone. The goal is for you to build a flexible toolkit that you can adapt and integrate in whatever ways best fit your needs.

    During the coaching sessions you will:

    • be guided in a realistic assessment of how anxiety impacts various aspects of your life, or what factors make the anxiety worse.
    • identify your priorities for what you would most like to change.
    • develop self-awareness about your emotional states.
    • learn practical skills, techniques, and principles that can help you interrupt and repattern the anxiety response.
    • apply the skills, techniques, and principles to make changes in the areas you identify.
    • receive compassionate support and accountability in taking steps each week to practice the techniques in ways that align with your priorities.

    Some of the topics we will cover:

    • the neurobiology of anxiety
    • neuroplasticity
    • self-criticism vs self-compassion
    • harnessing the power and wisdom of your heart
    • challenging limiting beliefs and unhelpful self-narratives
    • self-compassion and goal-setting
    • the power of possibility