• Mentoring for Professionals

    Mentoring for Professionals

    Mentoring picks up where the classes and online courses leave off. It provides ongoing support and coaching for behavioral and other health professionals who want to use this approach with clients most effectively.

    I have used these tools and techniques successfully with hundreds of clients and patients, from adolescents on an in-patient psychiatric unit to adults in my anxiety coaching practice. Using this approach, clients and patients have learned to build awareness about their emotional states, manage anxiety and/or trauma symptoms, and increase their capacity for emotional regulation.

    The techniques themselves are easy to learn. Being able to use them effectively with clients takes practice and an understanding of how to introduce, sequence, and explain the techniques.

    Mentoring allows you the space and time needed to dive more deeply into the underlying science, practice the techniques, fine-tune the language and tools for specific situations and clients, and develop a fluid integration of the approach into your practice.

    In our sessions you will learn to help your clients:

    • understand about their brains and nervous systems and how to “get their hands on the controls”
    • address the stress-related components of physical and mental health issues
    • understand the connection between heart rate variability and physical, mental, and emotional well-being
    • develop a flexible toolkit to build resilience, quiet inner-critical dialogues, and rewrite outdated self-narratives
    • increase spiritual well-being by improving the quality of connection to themselves, others and their community, and the transcendent if that is important to them

    Want to know if mentoring is right for you? I offer a free 30-minute consultation.

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