• Quiet Your Iner Critic

    60-minute live class, $49

    Next class – Fall 2021

    The Transforming Anxiety Basic Skills is not a pre-requisite for this class, but if you have long-standing anxiety, the Basic Skills class will give you the best foundation.

    Why this class?


    What you get

    This is a live Zoom class. You can have your camera on or off and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

    In this class you will learn:

    • What your brain is doing when it’s busy doing nothing
    • The neuroscience of self-criticism
    • The power of self-compassion
    • Simple, reliable techniques to transform your inner critical dialaogues from self-judgment and self-criticism to kindness and self-compassion

    You will also receive:

    • Recorded pre-session material to familiarze with the concepts we will be covering
    • Handouts with notes
    • Copies of the technique instructions and worksheets we use
    • An invitation to join the private Transforming Anxiety Facebook group, where you can as questions and get support as you practice implementing the skills you learned

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