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    Over the past two years, the number of people struggling with anxiety have increased dramatically and many people are having a hard time finding effective resources and support.

    To help as many people as possible, I am sharing some of the same information and resources I use with the patients and clients  work with. While not a substitute for appropriate medical or behavioral health care, these resources can help you understand why your nervous system does what it does and how to interrupt and rewire the anxiety and stress response. This is a work in progress, check back often.



    Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself – at any age. This video from Sentis is a great way to visualize the process.

    Our emotions are the soundtrack to our lives.
    How does how you feel influence what you see in the video below? Changing our emotions literally changes how our brains perceive and interpret what we experience.


    Overcoming Your Brain’s Negativity Bias

    Anxiety and Digestion, What’s the connection?

    What Can We Do about All This Anxiety?


    Anchoring in the positive (PDF)

    In this moment, what will bring me joy? (PDF)

    Square Breathing (PDF)

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