• The Transforming Anxiety Toolkit Part 1

    3 weekly live Zoom classes
    Mondays Oct. 11, 18, and 25 from 7-8 pm
    Cost: $59

    The Transforming Anxiety Tookit Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2.

    Why this course?

    We often think that because we have looping negative thoughts; get lost in what-if scenarios, perfectionism, or self-criticism; or go down the rabbit hole of worst possible outcomes, that anxiety is primarily a psychological problem. And if the problem is psychological, then we should be able to use logic and rational thinking to manage it, right?

    That makes sense, but for most of the patients and clients I have worked with, it doesn’t work that way for one very simple reason:

    Logic and reason are simply no match for the physiological survival response that occurs when we perceive that we are under serious threat – the fight-or-flight survival response will win out every time.

    In my experience, there are two key components to beginning to manage anxiety, and they start with the body, not the mind.

    The first is understanding what is happening in your brain and nervous system during the anxiety response. The second is learning reliable tools to interrupt that response, calm your nervous system, and create a sense of connection and safety.

    A nervous system that habitually goes into or stays in “fight or flight” mode doesn’t need a “thinking about” solution, it needs a nervous system solution.  Which is exactly what Part 1 of the Transforming Anxiety Toolkit series provides!

    What you get

    This is a live Zoom class. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

    Over the 3 weeks you will learn:

    • Why your nervous system does what it does
    • The importance of harnessing the power of your heart to make deep and lasting change
    • Basic principles of neuroplasticity and how to apply them to make changes that last
    • Simple, reliable techniques to interrupt and repattern the anxiety response that you can adapt and apply as needed
    • Heart-focused, brain-centered tools to regulate your nervous system and build emotional resilience

    You will also receive:

    • Handouts with notes
    • Copies of the technique instructions and worksheets we use
    • An invitation to join the private Transforming Anxiety Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get support as you practice implementing the skills you learned.
    • Email support in case you have specific challenges or questions
    • Links to the recorded class sessions

    Course cost: $59 

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