• Stop Trying to Think Your Way Out of Anxiety

    Stop Trying to Think Your Way Out of Anxiety

    Live Zoom class – Offered twice!

    Monday March 7, 1-2pm (Eastern time zone), $25

    Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you shouldn’t be anxious? That what you are worried about is not logical? How well did it work?

    For most of us, it is difficult – or even impossible – to think clearly and rationally once we start spiraling down the anxiety rabbit hole.

    In this live Zoom class, you will learn why your brain does this and what you can do about it.

    The more we can demystify what is happening in the brain and nervous system, the more we can normalize the experience of anxiety. Normalizing it can take it out of the realm of “there’s something wrong with me,” and into the realm of “this is something I can get my hands on the controls of.”

    Most of us have no idea how easy it can be to manage our nervous systems. In this class you will learn simple, easy-to-implement techniques that will quickly and effectively interrupt and calm the anxiety response.

    Topics include:


    Anxiety doesn’t have to run your life. Interrupting and repatterning the anxiety response is a skill you can learn and a habit you can develop.