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A brain-focused approach for change that lasts

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4-weeks of skill-building to transform anxiety and overthinking into inner peace and ease

Harness the power of practical brain science to transform anxiety, overthinking, and self-criticism. This is the same brain-focused approach I have used with many hundreds of patients and clients to help them transform unhelpful patterns of emotional reactivity and build emotional resilience, even if those patterns feel deeply embedded and have been around for years. Includes the Inner Balance heart rate variability (HRV) sensor and training.

8- and 12-week Intensive Coaching Programs 

These coaching programs build on and extend the skill-building program. This unique approach combines practical neuroscience, positive psychology principles, concrete skills, and compassionate support with the wisdom and power of your heart to create deep and lasting change. You will learn the same skills I teach in the 4-week skill-building program, then apply the skills to transform the areas of your life that you most want to change: stress eating, self-criticism and perfectionism, overthinking and people-pleasing, burnout and poor self-care.  If you have been "working on" yourself for years (or decades!) but still struggle with the same old patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting, then this program is for you. Includes an Inner Balance heart rate variability (HRV) sensor and training.

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Imagine a life with...

  • Less stress and more joy. 
  • Improved health and well-being.
  • Greater emotional balance.
  • Better decision making. 
  • Fewer looping thoughts.
  • Greater self-compassion.
  • Energy for the things you really love.

When you combine the incredible power of  brain science with practical skills and targeted support, you can rewire your nervous system and transform stress and anxiety.

Add in the principles of positive psychology and the wisdom of the heart and you can create lifelong habits of resilience , joy, and self-compassion.

Want to know why trying to think your way out of anxiety doesn't work 
(and what you can do instead)?

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I am an Integrative Wellness Coach, Educator, and Trainer, not a psychotherapist. The tools and approaches I use are intended to help clients learn skills to manage their nervous systems and to support them in behavior change. Skill-building and coaching support can be an effective adjunct to other forms of treatment, but they are not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.