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Be Part Of Creating A World With Heart

You can't solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.   ~ Albert Einstein

Science is now showing what wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years — our hearts have an intuitive intelligence that can give us new perspectives on the challenges we face every day.

And we need it now more than ever.

The problems facing humanity are simply too big for us to solve with our logical minds alone. We need a new intelligence — heart intelligence — that will help us come from a place of connection and trust rather than division and fear so that we can solve our personal, social, and global problems in new and creative ways.

 When we shift into a more harmonious, coherent state, the heart and brain begin to function in a synchronized way. In this state, decision making becomes easier, stress patterns are reduced, communication improves, and intuitive guidance is more accessible. And the hearts around us feel it. 

Getting into a coherent state is easy. This Quick Coherence technique comes from the HeartMath Institute

  • Place your hands on the center of your chest and press gently. Breathe slowly and deeply.

  • As you do, imagine the breath flowing in and out of the center of your chest, in the area around your heart. 

  • Next, make a sincere attempt to experience appreciation for someone or something in your life. Or just try to experience a feeling of peace and calm. 

The more we coherent we become, the more we experience peace and flow in our lives which then ripples out to others, creating greater connection to the hearts of those around us. 

What can one person do? More than you think. 

Your energy matters. By connecting to the intuitive intelligence of the heart and taking responsibility for shifting our attitudes and feelings, not only will our own lives improve but we will be part of creating a more compassionate and heart-connected world.