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Coaching With the Brain in Mind

As an Integrative Mental Wellness Coach, I use a brain-focused, mind/body approach to support clients in changing habits and behaviors to increase their health and well-being. I specialize in using this integrative approach to help clients address specific mental health challenges like anxiety, stress eating, and self-critical thinking.

I see stress, anxiety, and overwhelm not as pathologies, but as nervous system states that are operating too often and/or in unhelpful ways.

We don’t dig into the origins of your current challenges. We assess where things are for you right now, identify your vison and priorities for well-being, and create a sustainable path forward. You will learn how to apply basic principles of neurobiology to repattern habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting.

You set the agenda, I provide practical techniques, compassionate support, guided exploration, and accountability. Together we can harness the power of your heart, mind, and nervous system to create lasting change.

Is it right for you?

Mental wellness coaching could be right if you...

  • Struggle with mild to moderate mental / emotional health challenges or you are working with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist and are seeking additional skills to support your therapy.

  • Prefer a shorter-term, goal-focused approach to personal growth and development.

  • Want to learn practical skills to manage stress, anxiety, and self-critical thinking.

  • Are willing to complete self-assessments, reading, journaling, exercises, and other “homework” to support the coaching process

  • Have done therapy and understand your challenges but still experience physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • Are interested in a mind/body approach that addresses multiple dimensions of your health and well-being

Coaching Plus

Human beings are complex, integrated systems. In addition to traditional coaching, I work with a variety of modalities and facilitated techniques from energy psychology, polyvagal theory, and the Hawaiian healing tradition. These provide an integrated approach that brings all parts of you – body and mind, heart and soul into the process. They can be incorporated into coaching sessions as much or as little as you like.

Some clients choose a more traditional coaching approach, others choose some combination of the two. Together we can flexibly design the approach that works best for you.

I am an Integrative Mental Wellness Coach and Educator, not a psychotherapist. The tools and approaches I use can help clients learn to better manage their nervous systems and to support them in the process of behavior change. Skill-building and coaching support can be an effective adjunct to other forms of treatment, but they are not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.

Questions? Want to know if this work is right for you?
I offer a free 20-minute consultaton.

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