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Regulate, Rewire and Thrive individual coaching

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Program Overview

This unique approach is a powerful blend of practical  neuroscience, positive psychology principles, concrete skills, and compassionate coaching support that can transform even deep-seated patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting - no analysis of your "imperfections" required!

These are individual coaching programs designed to transform the habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting that keep you stuck and make you miserable. 

Programs can be either 8 or 12 weeks long, depending on your goals.

The Five Pillars of the Regulate, Rewire, and Thrive System:

Pillar I  Understanding Stress and Anxiety
It’s like getting a user manual for your nervous system

Learn exactly what is happening in your brain and nervous system when you experience stress and anxiety and how they impact your health and well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Pillar 2 - Rewiring the Stress/Anxiety Response
A brain-focused, skill-based approach

  • Train your nervous system to be in a more harmonious state so that you get stressed/anxious less often and calm down more easily. 
  • Be able to respond to situations appropriately rather than reacting emotionally. It’s not about will power.
  • Learn exactly how to manage emotions and self-critical thinking throughout the day so that you are more focused, resilient, and energized.

Pillar 3 – Targeting Unhelpful Patterns
Compassionate support for change that lasts

Address the ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that are creating anxiety in the first place so you can:

  • Make decisions without overthinking and delegate without guilt. 
  • Respond to situations appropriately rather than reacting emotionally
  • Decrease stress eating, improve sleep, and enjoy better health
  • Have hope that things can finally be different.

Pillar 4 – Developing Awareness
You can’t change what you aren’t aware of

  • Have hope that things can finally be different.
  • Have effective strategies to know when you are getting into the “danger zone” and how to intervene. 
  • Be able to recognize when you are going down the rabbit hole of self-criticism and what-if. scenarios and how to get back out
  • Know exactly how to identify and eliminate energy drains so you can do more of the things you love.

Pillar 5 – Living with Greater Ease, Joy, and Self-compassion

  • Use simple techniques to build a joy habit and increase happiness
  • Be able to quickly transform self-criticism into self-compassion.
  • Prioritize self-care.
  • Worry less about making mistakes and enjoy the freedom of not having to be perfect.
  • Allow your authentic self to show up in your life more often

What you'll get:

  • Heart rate variability (HRV) sensor for iPhone or Android 
  • Video recordings of each session
  • PDFs handouts of key points, exercise instructions, tracking sheets, and worksheets
  • Pre- and post- stress and well-being assessments
  • Twelve 45-minute individual education/skill-building/coaching sessions   
  • The nervous system technologies and practices to best support your  nervous system  
  • Email support (during business hours)

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What people are saying...

"More helpful than anything else I tried"

As the VP of Operations at a major lighting and furniture company in Manhattan, the daily stresses of the job compounded with my already heightened anxiety resulted in frequent debilitating panic attacks. I have never found anything more helpful than this 12-week program. Approaching anxiety from the bottom up was so effective. I have tried CBT, IFS, and "talk therapy," and never felt as though it had significant impact. Judy provided me with invaluable tactics and support. I left the program feeling more grounded, able to handle the stressors and ultimately less anxiety. 

  Alex S., VP of Operations

"Truly life-changing!"

In a short period of time, my work with Judy dissolved patterns and beliefs that were holding me back - many of which I was unaware of. Because the tools seemed so simple, I was skeptical the shifts I was experiencing would last. Not only have they lasted, but I have the tools to use anytime. 

Cecile L., Accountant

"Judy is an expert on the nervous system"

Judy has taught me skills to regulate my responses to difficult or stressful situations. I was surprised that I noticed major shifts after just a few sessions. Because I now understand what is happening physiologically when I feel "activated," I can offer myself more compassion and then apply the easy-to-use tools I learned. 

Amanda M., Nutritionist

"Working with Judy is like having a personal trainer for my nervous system!"

 Julia A., Student

"She puts complex topics into language that the average person can easily grasp"

I refer many of my patients to Judy at some point. She has a unique gift for meeting people where they are, finding the core issues that are constraining them, and coming up with tools and strategies that are both simple and profoundly effective in helping them transform their lives.

Anne Vaillant, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

"An anxiety and wellness genius"

Judy's work is pure brilliance with a good dose of gentleness, too. I am a big fan of the powerful methods she uses for anxiety relief, happiness, and trauma recovery. 

Val Nelson, Business Coach

I am an Integrative Wellness Coach, Educator, and Trainer, not a psychotherapist. The tools and approaches I use are intended to help clients learn skills to manage their nervous systems and to support them in behavior change. Skill-building and coaching support can be an effective adjunct to other forms of treatment, but they are not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.

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