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What people are saying...

As the VP of Operations at a major lighting and furniture company in Manhattan, the daily stresses of the job compounded with my already heightened anxiety resulted in frequent debilitating panic attacks. I have never found anything more helpful than this 12-week program.

 Approaching anxiety from the bottom up was so effective. I have tried CBT, IFS, and "talk therapy," and never felt as though it had significant impact. Judy provided me with invaluable tactics and support. I left the program feeling more grounded, able to handle the stressors and ultimately less anxiety. 

Alex S. - VP of Operations

Judy’s work is pure brilliance and wisdom with a good dose of gentleness, too. I'm a big fan of the powerful methods she uses for anxiety relief, happiness, and supporting trauma recovery. She is a stress and wellness genius!

Val Nelson - Business/Life Coach

Judy is honest, gentle, and able to put complex health concepts into language that the average person can easily grasp and use to transform their life. I refer many of my patients to Judy at some point—whether for crippling anxiety, stress-related insomnia, stubborn GI symptoms, or PTSD symptoms. In short, Judy has a unique gift for meeting people where they are, finding the core issues that are constraining them, and coming up with treatments that are both simple and profoundly effective.

Anne Vallaint - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

My teenage daughter suffered from significant social and performance anxiety for several years. We tried everything we could, but she continued to have worsening symptoms and began to withdraw and described significant inner turmoil. Judy helped my teenage daughter turn her anxiety around. Her approach does not require "talk therapy." My daughter detested "talking" with a therapist in the past, so when Judy's technique focused more on identification of anxiety and how it affected the body, my daughter was quite relieved. She learned to recognize anxiety as a response, learned new tools to break the anxiety response cycle, and learned to effectively shut down the old patterns that were not serving her well at all.

We are very grateful that we found Judy and her approach to anxiety. My daughter has started socializing again in groups and is no longer incapacitated by new school assignments and tests.

TF - Medical Doctor

Working with Judy is like having a personal trainer for my nervous system!

AS - Teacher

In addition to being incredibly approachable, compassionate, patient and caring, Judy has the ability to teach and share her immense knowledge in understandable and relatable ways. My work with Judy dissolved, in a very short period of time, beliefs and patterns that were holding me back as well as trauma stored in my body – many of which I was unaware. Initially I was amazed and a bit doubtful at the difference I was experiencing, however – the changes have lasted. I continue to notice the rewards from the learning and practices. I am less reactive, less fearful, more confident and living more authentically and with ease.

I am a huge believer in not only the work Judy does but in Judy herself - - I highly recommend Judy and have encouraged many to give themselves the gift of working with and learning from her. Simply life-changing!!

CL - Accountant

I love the tools that Judy teaches. The best part is that the more I practice, the more who I am in the inside becomes who I am on the outside.

SR - High school student

Judy is skilled and compassionate. She encouraged me to investigate the stories I was telling myself and helped me rewrite years-old scripts that were holding me back in what I wanted in life.

AM - Nutritionist

I have worked w/ Judy for almost a year, now, and I can truly say that it has been life changing. In that time, I have seen marked improvement in my own sense of self confidence, claiming space for myself as a woman, mother, spouse and professional. I have been able to finally shift my thinking (& more importantly deeper feelings) around taking responsibility for reducing my patterns of stress, anxiety, and emotional reactivity.

ABBY - Physical Therapist

Judy is gifted, kind, and compassionate. I have experienced life-changing results using the techniques she uses and teaches. Lifelong patterns of reactivity either healed completely or greatly diminished.

JL - Holistic Nurse

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Judith M Grupenhoff is an Integrative Mental Wellness Coach and Educator, not a psychotherapist. The tools and approaches I use are intended to help clients learn skills to manage their nervous systems and to support them in behavior change. Skill-building and coaching support can be an effective adjunct to other forms of treatment, but they are not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.