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I offer individual sessions and also coaching/training packages. All sessions are 50 minutes. Which should you choose? It depends on your goals.

4-session Package – $470 ($118/session) 
If your primary goal is learning skills to manage your nervous system and reduce anxiety, this is a great place to start. Four sessions are generally enough to begin learning practical tools and techniques to begin repatterning anxiety/emotional reactivity responses and learning how to apply these skills to specific areas of your life. We will typically meet weekly.

8-session Package – $880 ($110/session) 
If there are areas of your life that are out of balance or that are creating or are affected by anxiety, the 8-sesion package may be what you need. In addition to skill building, the 8-session package will allow us to assess what areas of your life need attention, set realistic goals to move you forward, and decide which tools and techniques will best support you in reaching those goals. Any of the modalities I offer can be incorporated into a session. We can meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your schedule and needs. Some clients begin with weekly sessions and move to bi-weekly sessions as our work together progresses.

Individual Sessions – $135/session 
you need some basic education and skills to get you started, have specific questions after taking a class or course, or just want to see if this work is for you, then starting with a single session makes sense. If you decide to continue, we can apply the cost of the individual session the one of the packages.